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Solicitor’s Office

Location: 401 Cleland Street, Georgetown, S.C.
Phone: (843) 545-3169
Fax: (843) 545-3268
Hours: 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday (except for legal holidays)
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1688, Georgetown, SC 29442
Contact Person: Solicitor Jimmy A. Richardson II, Chief Prosecuting Attorney
(Judicial Circuit includes both Georgetown and Horry Counties)

Department Functions:

The Solicitor’s office is responsible for the prosecution of adults charged with General Sessions Court offenses, and juveniles charged with all criminal and statutory offenses (such as truancies) which are heard in Family Court. The prosecuting attorneys also represent the State in civil cases involving forfeiture of property related to unlawful drug activity. There is also a prosecuting attorney who represents the State in Magistrate Court trials of Driving Under the Influence and Criminal Domestic Violence.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When will my case come to Court?
A: Factors such as date of arrest, type of charge(s), and time needed by the assigned prosecutor to properly assess, further investigate, and prepare the case for Court will impact the term in which the case is placed on the docket and the adult defendant or juvenile is notified to appear in Court.

Q: What can I do if I cannot afford to hire an attorney to represent me?
A: All persons charged with General Sessions Court or juvenile court offenses can apply at the Public Defender’s office in the Georgetown County Judicial Center at 401 Cleland Street. Of course, the appointment is based on qualification guidelines. The Presiding Judge may also inquire and appoint attorneys for representation.

Q: How do I report a crime?
A: Emergencies are reported through the County´s "911" system. All other reports should be made at the municipal or county law enforcement agencies for investigation by that department in order to determine (a) if the offense is of a criminal (or civil) nature, and (b) to assist the complainant in bringing formal charges against the perpetrator.

Department News:

The county department head for the Solicitor’s Office is Alicia A. Richardson, deputy solicitor for Solicitor Jimmy A. Richardson II. Other prosecuting attorneys include Randerson I. Stephens, Jr., assistant solicitor for general sessions court; Richard D. Todd, assistant solicitor for general sessions court, W. Keith Powell assistant solicitor for general sessions court; Nadia R. Black, assistant solicitor for family court; and Jackie Smith, assistant solicitor for magistrate court.

General Sessions Court terms are set by the South Carolina Court Administration pursuant to final Order signed by Chief Justice Jean H. Toal of the South Carolina Supreme Court. The South Carolina Court Administration sets terms for six-month periods with assignment of Circuit Court Judges who preside over each term, and are subject to change.

In an effort to assist local law enforcement officers in their response and investigation of criminal offenses, the office has established an Early Legal Assistance program where prosecutors are available by pager 24 hours a day to answer questions and advise the officers of the proper execution of the laws of this State. The program was established to assist police officers needing both immediate and subsequent legal assistance.

Pre-trial intervention programs headed by the circuit solicitor are implemented generally for first-time adult and juvenile offenders, and offer participation as an alternative to prosecution in court. Participants pay a fee, which provides funding to administratively support the programs.

The solicitor is also responsible for the issuance of orders expunging criminal records as outlined under South Carolina law, and applicants pay required fees set by law for expungement of those records.