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Site Map, Department Links and Descriptions

Administrative Services

  • Administrator  Oversees daily operations of Georgetown County government and executes the policies and directives of County Council.
  • Attorney Provides in-house legal services to County Council, the county's advisory boards and committees created by County Council and the various departments within county government.
  • Finance Maintains the fiscal integrity of the county’s financial records, and administers and monitors the county’s annual operating budget.
  • Grants Administration Actively seeks available grant funding and provides administrative oversight for County grant activities, ensuring the granting agencies and the county fulfill and administer grants according to all requirements of laws, regulations and formally established policies.
  • Human Resources Forecasts, recruits and retains a skilled workforce by managing employee compensation, benefits, performance appraisal, employee relations and morale programs.
  • Management Information Services Manages all information systems and services for the county, working closely with all county departments to maintain a high standard of technical services.
  • Public Information Acts as a liaison between county departments/officials and the public and media to ensure information regarding county activities is readily available to county residents.
  • Public Notices Notices of general public interest.
  • Purchasing Procures all materials and supplies used by county departments, maintains a centralized listing of bidders classified according to material, supplies or service.
  • Risk Management Provides administrative assistance to the County Central Safety Committee and safety awareness to all county departments.

Building, Planning, Zoning and Property Services

  • Building Department and Permits Assures compliance with the applicable residential and commercial building codes, fire, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, gas,  flood zone and other regulations.
  • GIS/Mapping Provides maps and mapping services for county departments and the public.
  • Planning Develops a comprehensive and innovative land use and planning program, creating viable solutions for future growth and development of Georgetown County.
  • Register of Deeds Records, maintains and provides informational access for documents concerning land titles (deeds), certain liens, and other documents related to property transactions in Georgetown County.
  • Zoning Regulates the location and use of buildings, structures, and land by enforcing the Zoning Ordinance for Georgetown County.

Capital Projects

  • Capital Projects Provides project management support/oversight to county wide capital project planning and implementation.

Community Services

  • Bureau of Aging Services Offers programs, activities and supportive services that enable senior residents of Georgetown County to continue being an integral part of their community, while keeping their dignity and sense of well being.
  • Affordable Housing Works through partnerships with agencies including the Lowcountry Housing Trust and Waccamaw Regional Council of Governments to provide housing opportunities for low-income and working-class residents.

County Council

  • Council News and Information Information from the clerk to council regarding the County Council agenda, records, council minutes and other information pertaining to County Council
  • Council Member Biographies Photos and biographies of currently serving council members for each district.
  • Minutes and Agendas County Council meeting minutes and agendas provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Court Services

  • Clerk of Courts Provides administrative support, maintaining court records and information of the judicial system for Common Pleas, Family Court and General Sessions.
  • Common Pleas Court Includes circuit courts for the jurisdictional district that includes Georgetown County.
  • Family Court Has jurisdiction in matters such as child support, alimony, domestic abuse, divorces, interstate custody cases, URESA (Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act), visitation, separate maintenance, custody, name change, annulment, paternity, equitable distribution, legal guardianship, support modification and termination of support.
  • General Sessions Court Hears criminal cases. The principal parties in these cases are the solicitor, who represents the state, and the defendant’s attorney.
  • Jury Duty Answers frequently asked questions about Jury selection, serving and compensation.
  • Magistrates There are six Magistrate Courts in Georgetown County including Central Traffic Court. Magistrate Courts have jurisdiction over all criminal and traffic offenses where punishments do not exceed fines of $500 plus assessments and court costs or imprisonment of 30 days, or both. Magistrate Courts have jurisdiction of civil matters involving claims that are $7,500.00 or less. In addition, Magistrates conduct Bonding Court twice a day.
  • Master in Equity Provides a relatively quick and inexpensive means of litigation resolution for civil, non-jury matters. However, parties may not initiate action in the Master-in-Equity Court. Only cases assigned by the Court of Common Pleas through an Order of Reference signed by a Circuit Court judge may be heard by the Master-in-Equity.
  • Probate Court Provides services including probating estates, resolving disputes in estates and trusts, handling involuntary commitments for alcohol/drug abuse and/or mental illness, obtaining marriage licenses, appointing and supervising guardians and conservators, and approving minor and wrongful death settlements.
  • Solicitor The Solicitor's office is responsible for the prosecution of adults charged with General Sessions Court offenses, and Family Court cases involving juveniles charged with criminal criminal and statutory offenses.

Economic Development

  • Economic Development Department Develops and encourages job creation and investment in Georgetown County by promoting a positive business climate, marketing Georgetown County and developing growth opportunities for new and existing industries.

Elections and Voter Registration

  • Voter Information Provides information concerning absentee ballot applications, registration deadlines, change of address forms, voting locations, precinct names, and information for all federal, state and local elections held within Georgetown County.

Elected Officials

Information about Georgetown County's currently serving elected officials


  • Libraries Serves as a community resource that expands and enriches the lives of residents by providing and promoting the use of the library system’s information, education, and recreation resources.

Parks and Recreation

  • Parks & Recreation Enhances the quality of life of residents and visitors to Georgetown County; provides a broad, diverse and challenging set of cultural and recreational programs; and offers clean, beautiful and safe parks.

Public Safety

  • Animal Control Charged with responding to requests from the public for help with wild animals, dangerous animals or animals in distress.
  • 911/Communications Receives all emergency calls and non-emergeny calls from residents of Georgetown County requiring assistance from police, fire or emergency medical services, including the county's two rescue squads.
  • Coroner Responsible for investigating deaths that occur in the emergency rooms of the local hospitals and patients that die in the hospital within 24 hours of hospital admission, as well as death investigations involving homicides, suicides, accidents, and all sudden and unexplained deaths.
  • Detention Center Houses sentenced and un-sentenced inmates.
  • Emergency Management Acts as a liaison between the State Emergency Management Department and other state agencies during disasters. Also works with local law enforcement, EMS, fire departments and others, coordinating the planning, response, recovery and mitigation activities for natural and man made disasters.
  • Emergency Alerts and Updates Storm, Hurricane and other emergency alerts and updates of interest to citizens of Georgetown County.
  • Emergency Services Oversees key emergency service agencies and the integration of these services in Georgetown County, including the County Fire/Emergency Medical Services Division, Midway Fire Rescue and Emergency Management.
  • Georgetown County Fire/EMS Provides advanced life support and emergency transport for the sick and injured, fire protection and suppression, inspections of commercial structures, public education, and community support and training.
  • Midway Fire Department Provides fire protection, public education, code enforcement, water rescue and Hazardous Materials response for approximately 70 square miles of the Waccamaw Neck.
  • Sheriff Protects the life and property of all residents of Georgetown County.

Public Services

  • Public Services Administration Responsible for county streets and road maintenance, drainage systems and stormwater, landfill, recycling and collections, building and grounds maintenance for county facilities, airport operations and capital projects management
  • Stormwater Management Seeks to reduce stormwater runoff pollution by enforcing laws and regulations, and using Best Management Practices.
  • Facility Services Maintains all county-owned facilities, renovates existing facilities and constructs new structures. The department also provides custodial services in a number of locations, along with electrical, carpentry, paint, masonry and utility support.
  • Airports Operates an airport in Georgetown and a second airport in Andrews to provide first class service and a convenient, safe and efficient avenue to quality general aviation services and facilities.
  • Mosquito Control Controls the mosquito population in Georgetown County using surveillance, truck spraying and aerial spraying.
  • Recycling and Collections Provides citizens a convenient means of recycling with recycling centers located throughout the county.
  • Public Works Division Constructs and maintains earth and paved roads, as well as storm drainage systems. Also maintains the Georgetown County right-of-ways throughout the unincorporated areas of the county.
  • Solid Waste/Landfill The county operates a "Subtitle D" landfill and a Construction and Demolition Landfill. The two facilities receive more than 85,000 tons of debris per year.

Tax Services and Information

  • Assessor Maintains an inventory of parcels of real property including mobile homes in Georgetown County and its municipalities.
  • Auditor Annually prepares a complete listing and description of all taxable real and personal property within the county, political subdivisions and special purpose districts; by owner, type of property, levy, location, and assessed value.
  • Tax Collector Encourages voluntary compliance with the tax laws of the State of South Carolina and the tax ordinances of Georgetown County.
  • Treasurer Notifies, and collects real and personal property taxes including vehicles, water & sewer assessments, and oversees their disbursement to county government, municipalities, schools and special taxing districts in Georgetown County.

Veteran's Affairs

  • Veteran's Affairs Assists veterans and their dependents in filing applications to determine their basic eligibility and conditions of benefits entitlement as administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.