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Georgetown County Current Bids

Bid specifications and submission instructions may be downloaded free of charge in Adobe Acrobat PDF format by clicking on the highlighted links below.

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BID NUMBER:  16-077
PROCUREMENT FOR:  East Bay Tennis Courts Renovation Project
Pre-Bid Site Inspection:
MANDATORY PRE-BID, Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 10:00 AM
BID OPENING DATE & TIME:  Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 3:00PM
DESCRIPTION: The Georgetown County, South Carolina Parks and Recreation Department is soliciting sealed bids for the deconstruction and removal of the existing three (3) tennis courts to include asphalt, lighting and fencing, at East Bay Park and the reconstruction of six (6) new tennis courts, sidewalk connections, court lighting, associated grading, drainage, and basic reseeding around disturbed areas at East Bay Park.  Please refer to the construction and electrical drawings for design details.  Qualified offerors are invited to submit a proposal in accordance with the requirements of this solicitation.   Bid documents and specifications are available at the link(s) below:
Bid No. 16-077, East Bay Tennis Courts Renovation Project     File Size: 5.7 Mb
Bid No. 16-077, Drawings     File Size:  9.7 Mb
Bid No. 16-077, Geotech Report     File Size:  2.2 Mb

BID NUMBER:  16-076
PROCUREMENT FOR:  Design-Build Services for Department of Social Services (DSS) Facility (GMP)
Pre-Bid Conference/Site Inspection: MANDATORY, Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 10:30AM
at the Beck Recreation Center, 2030 W Church St, Georgetown, SC  29440  (See Page 8, No. 3).
DESCRIPTION:  Georgetown County, SC (Owner) is soliciting the design and construction of a new Department of Social Services (DSS) Facility to be located on (3) parcels acquired for the purpose located at NW Corner of West Church Street and Lafayette Circle within the Georgetown City limits, (TMS #05-0007-003-00-00, TMS #05-0007-004-00-00, and TMS #05-0007-005-00-00), and bounded by Dekalb Street in the rear. The facility site is not inside the Georgetown City historic overlay zone. This new, approximately 15,000 (+/-) sq ft facility, will replace the current facility located at 330 Dozer Street, which will remain in use until completion of the new building. Design-Builder will be responsible for pricing and value engineering issues. The final contract will be Actual Cost Plus a Fixed Fee not to exceed the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). Project will be Open Book. All savings, including unused contingency, will be returned to the Owner. Contract documents will be based on AIA Document #A141-2004. Bid documents and specifications are available at the link(s) below:
Bid No. 16-076, Design-Build Services for Department of Social Services (DSS) Facility (GMP)     File size: 5.9 Mb
Bid No. 16-076, Conceptual Plans and Drawings     File size: 2.2 Mb
Bid No. 16-076, Addendum 01    
File size: 137.9 Kb     (01/10/2017)
Bid No. 16-076, Addendum 02     File size: 145.4 Kb     (01/18/2017)
Bid No. 16-076, Qualified Bidders List/Pre-Bid Attendance     File size: 699.5 Kb     (01/25/2017)
Bid No. 16-076, Addendum 03     File size: 139.3 Kb     (02/03/2017)
Bid No. 16-076, Site Photos     File size: 1.6 Mb     (02/09/2017)
Bid No. 16-076, Addendum 04    File size: 401.1 Kb    (02/10/2017)
Bid No. 16-076, Addendum 05     File size: 140.4 Kb     (02/16/2017)
Bid No. 16-076, Addendum 06   File size: 407.2 Kb     (03/01/2017)  
Bid No. 16-076, Plat Approval     File size: 328.7 Kb     (03/01/2017)
Bid No. 16-076, Addendum 08     File size: 138.3 Kb     (03/13/2017)