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What Is The "C" Fund Program?

The "C" Fund Program is a statewide program for improving roads. The fund for the program comes from a tax on each gallon of gas and diesel fuel. Currently the tax amounts to 2.66 cents per gallon. This tax is set by the General Assembly and applied throughout South Carolina. Funds from this tax amount to approximately $1,100,000 for Georgetown County.

  • Who Decides Which Roads Will Be Improved?
    A State Law requires the appointment of a County Transportation Committee. This committee reviews priorities recommended by the County Department of Public Works and the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) Maintenance Engineer. The priorities will include county, municipal, and state roads,´ and will also include paving, rocking, and resurfacing projects.
  • How Can I Get My Road Considered To Be Improved?
    Call the Georgetown County Department of Public Works at (843) 545-3438 and request a "C" Fund Petition. The petition will be mailed to you to complete and return to the Georgetown County Department of Public Works, P 0 Drawer 421270, 2236 Browns Ferry Road, Georgetown, SC 29442.
  • Why Must A Petition Be Used?
    Every Property Owner on the road must agree that: (1) she/he wants the road improved, and (2) she/he will give any needed right-of-way. Unless property owners agree to give rights-of-way, the road may not be considered.
  • When Can Petitions Be Submitted?
    Petitions may be submitted at any time during the year. Petitions submitted after April 1st of each year will be held for the following year.
  • Who Can Request That A Road Be Improved?
    Property owners, city/town/ county governments, SCDOT, and the Legislative Delegation. The "C" Fund Program exists to assist every jurisdiction to improve their public roads.
  • What Are The Steps Involved?
  1. Obtain the signatures of all property owners and return the petition to the Georgetown County Department of Public Works, P 0 Drawer 421270, Browns Ferry Road, Georgetown, SC 29442, before April 1st.
  2. The staff will examine the history of the road, count homes, do a traffic count, and school bus routing information to analyze the road use.
  3. This information will be submitted annually to the County Transportation Committee.
  • Are There Restrictions On The Types Of Roads That Can Be Considered For "C" Funds?
    Yes, there are some conditions. The road must be a public road, publicly maintained by the state, county, or a city. It must connect to an existing publicly maintained road, and finally, the road should not possess any unusual features that could cause construction to be abnormal.
  • Once A Road Is Scheduled To Be improved, How Long Does It Take?
    Before a contract to improve can be awarded, engineering design work must be done, rights-of-way signed by every property owner, and if needed the formal bids taken on the project. Generally this process takes two (2) years to complete for a paved road and less than one (1) year for a dirt road to be rocked. Remember that weather conditions play a big part in project completion.
  • Why Does It Take So Long To Get A Road Improved and Why Isn´t My Road On The List?
    Although $1,100,000 is a substantial amount of money, it costs over $650,000 to pave one (1) mile of roadway, or $20,000 to rock one (1) mile. There are 269 miles of dirt roads in Georgetown County and there is no question that everyone wants to live on an improved road. Even though the "C" Fund Program was established to improve roads, such funds have also been used for resurfacing paved roads, constructing sidewalks, and installing traffic signals, which are important, but limits even further the actual amount available for road improvements.
  • Whom Should I Call About The "C" Fund Program To Get Answers To MY Questions?
    The Georgetown County Department of Public Works at (843) 545-3438.