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Emergency Management

Location: 2222-C Highmarket Street, Georgetown, S.C. 29440
Phone: (843) 545-3273
Fax: (843) 545-3527

Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (except for legal holidays)
Mailing Address: 2222-C Highmarket Street, Georgetown, SC 29440
Point of Contact: Brandon Ellis, Manager

Department Functions:

To act as a liaison between the State Emergency Management Division and other state agencies during disasters and to work with local law enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Departments and others, coordinating the planning, response, recovery and mitigation activities for natural and manmade disasters. Additionally, the department coordinates services with volunteer groups such as the American Red Cross and Salvation Army to care for the citizens and visitors in Georgetown County.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the procedures following a hurricane and/or disaster?
A: First, a damage assessment team assesses the damage of the affected and evacuated area. This team consists mainly of public safety personnel.

If only minor damage exists specifically to utilities such as power, water and sewer, and roadways, county officials make the decision for the time for re-entry.

If major damage occurred to buildings, utilities or roadways, the county provides property owners a time to visit and survey the damage of their property. To gain access to their property, owners must have a copy of the property title, or a tax receipt, or utility bill bearing the address of the property, and picture identification. A driver’s license showing a physical address is acceptable. Once utility companies restore damages and it is safe for entry, County Officials notify property owners that they may return to their property.

Q: What are the requirements concerning hurricane evacuation?
A: When the Governor orders an evacuation, it is required that everyone in the designated area leave. The evacuation order carries the force of state law. In addition, once you leave the area, the order prohibits you from returning until the Governor suspends the order.

Q: Where should I go during an evacuation?
A: Each individual and family in the evacuation zone should decide the best place to move to in the event of an evacuation. This may include staying with family or friends, or traveling to a motel outside the evacuation zone. Several local American Red Cross shelters also provide emergency shelter.

Q: Can you tell me what roads are open/closed?
A: While we will do our best to post road closings on our Facebook and Twitter pages, the best resource to follow is  On your smartphone, you can download the 511 South Carolina Traffic app on the App Store or Google Play.

Q: Are the bridges open?
A: Typically, the only conditions that will force the bridges to close is if they suffer structural damage or if there is an accident on the bridge that necessitates its closure.  Bridges on state roads, such as the "Georgetown Bridges" linking Georgetown to the Waccamaw Neck, are controlled by SCDOT.

Operating Condition (OPCON) Levels


Operating Condition (OPCON) 3


Agencies plan, train, coordinate and exercise as needed.  INCIDENTS are monitored by the county warning point and county emergency management.


Operating Condition (OPCON) 2


A Disaster or emergency is likely to affect the county.  Emergency operations plans are implemented.  The county emergency operations center is partially activated if necessary.


Operating Condition (OPCON) 1


A Disaster or Emergency is imminent or occuring.  The county emergency operations center is fully activated.  Emergency response
personnel are activated.