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Identity Theft Protection Policy 2009

If you need further assistance or for individual questions not listed here, please see the Department Directory list and contact the individual department.


Q: What days are Georgetown County offices closed?
A: Please refer to the Georgetown County Holiday Closure Schedule.

Q: How can I learn of job vacancies in Georgetown County government?
A: When accepting public applications for job vacancies, a listing appears in the "Employment" section of this web site, the Georgetown Times and with the South Carolina Employment Security Commission (Job Service). Georgetown County accepts applications from the public through the South Carolina Employment Security Commission (Job Service) Offices located at 2704 Highmarket Street. Georgetown County advertises and accepts applications for a minimum of two weeks from the time of posting a vacancy. Georgetown County only accepts applications for advertised vacancies and applicants not selected for employment must reapply for future vacancies.

Q: Whom do I contact regarding a marriage license?
A: Probate Court, located in the Georgetown County Judicial Center, 401 Cleland Street, Georgetown, or you may contact the office at (843) 545-3274. A person must be at least 18 years of age or if less than 18 years of age have parental consent. Once you file the marriage license application, there is a mandatory 24-hour waiting period. Additionally, an application fee of $40 is required before processing.

Q: Whom should I contact to report animal complaints?
A: The Georgetown County Sheriff´s Office, 430 N. Fraser St., Georgetown, SC 29440, or call 843-546-5101. Response to emergency calls only after hours. For more information on animal control issues click on the link provided: Animal Control

Q: Whom do I contact concerning a business license?
A: Georgetown County does not require a business license. Contact individual municipalities for information on whether a business license is required within city limits. The County does have a Local Accommodation/Hospitality Tax. See General Accommodation/Hospitality Tax Information and Instructions under the Frequently Asked Questions in the Finance Section.

Q: Whom do I contact concerning an assessment of my property?
A: The Assessor’s Office can answer questions concerning county property assessments. The office is located at 129 Screven Street, Room 106, or call (843) 545-3014.


Q: What is "911"? When should I call "911"?
A: All emergencies are reported through the county´s "911" system. Make all other reports, such as crimes, at the municipal or county police departments for investigation. When calling "911," your call is answered by a trained telecommunicator assigned to gather your information, initiate an appropriate response, and provide instructions on how you can help before the ambulance arrives. In Georgetown County, you will receive an ambulance with an EMT/Paramedic and EMT. In those cases where additional manpower is required, the fire department may "first respond" and provide care.


Q: What are the requirements concerning hurricane evacuation?
A: When the Governor orders an evacuation, it is required that everyone in the designated area leave. Learn more about evacuation and evacuation zones here.

Q: Where should I go during an evacuation?
A: Each individual and family in the evacuation zone should decide the best place to move to in the event of an evacuation. Several local Red Cross shelters also provide emergency shelter.

Q: What are the procedures following a hurricane and/or disaster?
A: First, a damage assessment team assesses the damage of the affected and evacuated
area. This team consists mainly of public safety personnel. Next, if only minor damage specifically to utilities such as power, water and sewer, and roadways, county officials make the decision for the time of re-entry. If major damage occurred to buildings, utilities or roadways, the county provides property owners a time to visit and survey the damage of their property. To gain access to their property, owners must have a copy of the property title, or a tax receipt, or utility bill bearing the address of the property, and picture identification. A driver’s license showing a physical address is acceptable. Once utility companies restore damages and it is safe for entry, county officials notify property owners that may return to their property.


Q: How do I view a complete schedule of all criminal cases coming up for trial, check the status of my case, or discover the outcome of my case?
A: The Solicitor’s Office schedules criminal cases for trial. Contact the Solicitor’s office at (843) 546-3751. All documents filed with the court are public records and are available through the Clerk of Court´s office. Sometimes sealed by special court order, and sometimes sealed and confidential by operation of law, such as Adoptions, Abuse and Neglect and criminal files relating to juveniles, availability of documents vary. Our new Automated Access System is available free of charge, 24 hours a day. It updates the users on support payments; last payment made, what amount was paid, total due balance, issued bench warrants, and if a rule to show cause has been issued. Dial (843) 545-3057.

Q: Where and how do I file for child support?
A: One files for child support in the Family Court Office. Additionally, if an individual, who has had a child out of wedlock, would like to file for support, he or she needs to file with the South Carolina Department of Social Service (DSS).

Q: How do I find out the status and pick up my child support or alimony payment/check?
A: Dial (843) 545-3057 and follow the instructions. The Clerk of Court mails support checks daily.

Q: Where do I make my child support payments?
A: The Georgetown County Clerk of Court, Family Court Child Support Office, 401 Cleland St., accepts payments for Child Support. The mailing address is: Family Court Child Support Office, P.O. Box 421270, Georgetown, SC 29440-4200. Write your case number on your certified check or money order. Do not mail cash.

Q: Where do I pay a traffic ticket?
A: Magistrate (Summary) Court handles traffic tickets. Contact the office of the magistrate or the trial judge listed on your ticket. The tickets are generally handled in the Magistrate or Municipal (city) courts.


Q: Whom do I contact concerning a building permit?
A: Contact the Building/Zoning Department, (843) 545- 3116, regarding permits for new construction; for a change of tenant; if the business will be going in an existing building; and to see if property is zoned correctly for its intended use.

Q: How do I obtain a mobile home permit?
A: You must complete an application available at the Building/Zoning office (129 Screven St., Georgetown) or by fax (843-545-3296). With the application, you must submit the paid water and sewer receipts and/or a septic tank permit. Fees for mobile home permits are $100, plus a fire impact fee based on the value of the home. Homeowners must register with and obtain a registration sticker costing $5 from the Assessor’s Office.

Q: How do I apply to receive the 4 percent legal Residence special assessment or the agricultural use assessment?
A: Applications are available in the Assessor's Office (129 Screven Street) and must be completed by Jan. 15 in the year following the purchase. The 4 percent assessment applies to the portion of property used as your residence. The 6 percent ratio applies to the remainder of the property.


Q: Is there a maintenance schedule for the completion and repair of county roads?
A: A regular schedule provides maintenance for all roads approximately every three weeks. To have your road paved, you must request and complete a "C Fund Petition" by calling Public Works at (843) 545-3438.

Q: How should I prepare recyclables and yard waste?
A: Please rinse plastic, glass and metal cans, and break down cardboard boxes to flatten them. Several facilities have an oil/gas mixture collection tank. Call the Division of Environmental Services in Public Works, (843) 545-3443, for further information. It is preferred that residents do not bag yard waste.

Q: How can I request the spraying of an area for mosquitoes?
A: Georgetown County has twelve light traps placed throughout the county. The collection of these traps, the amount of rainfall, number of complaints, and past problem areas, all determine the areas to spray. You may call (843) 546-4625 to request spraying in your area or to be added to a list of residents notified before local spraying occurs..

Q: Whom do I call concerning problems with drainage and flooding?
A: Call (843) 545-3458. The Maintenance Operations Division inspects and evaluates your drainage and flooding problems, then makes recommendations.