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Location: 129 Screven Street, Georgetown, S.C. 29440
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (permit window closes at 4 p.m.)

Phone: (843) 545-3128
Fax: (843) 545-3299
Contact: Kristal Infinger, Zoning Administrator


Department Function:

To regulate the location and use of buildings, structures, and land by enforcing the zoning ordinance for Georgetown County. This includes:

  • Reviewing building permits (commercial and residential);
  • Reviewing mobile home permits;
  • Reviewing sign permits;
  • Reviewing tree removal/pruning permits;
  • Reviewing vendor permits;
  • Reviewing change of tenant permits;
  • Reviewing electrical power only permits;
  • Conducting zoning final inspections on all commercial projects;
  • Investigating complaints received in this office; and
  • Conducting field inspections to determine the validity of complaints.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where is the Zoning Department located?
A: Our department is located at 129 Screven Street on the second floor of the historic Georgetown County Courthouse.

Q: Does Georgetown County require business licenses?
A: No, Georgetown County does not issue or require business licenses. However, for businesses operating within incorporated areas of the county (the City of Georgetown and the Towns of Andrews and Pawleys Island), those municipalities may have their own requirements. Please contact the city hall or town hall of the appropriate municipality for details as to their requirements.

Q: What permit(s) will I need to start a vending operation?
A: You will need to fill out a vending permit application.

Q: What districts are vendors allowed in?
A: FA, NC, GC, LI, and HI

Q: Where can a vending operation take place on a piece of property?
A: All vending operations shall be conducted a minimum of 20 feet outside of any right-of-way and space to park at least two cars shall be provided.

Q: How big can a vendor’s sign be?
A: A vendor’s sign may not exceed 10 sq. ft. in area.

Q: How many signs can a Vendor have?
A: Only one sign per vendor shall be allowed, regardless of where it is displayed or mounted. Advertising materials attached to or painted onto automobiles are construed as signs.

Q: What is a "home occupation?"
A: Any use conducted entirely within a dwelling and carried on by the occupants thereof, which use is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of a dwelling for residential purposes and does not change the character thereof, and no person, not a resident on the premises is employed specifically in connection with the activity except that no more than one (1) assistant may be employed by the following home occupations: lawyer, physician, dentist, family day care homes and chiropractor. Provided further that no mechanical equipment is installed and used except such as is normally used for domestic or professional purposes, and that not over 25 percent of the total floor space of any structure is used for home occupations.

Q: Where are home occupations allowed?
A: Any residential zoning district.

Q: What are the restrictions for a home occupation sign?
A: Home occupation Signs are limited to one per property and shall not exceed two square feet in area. Such signs shall contain only the name of the business and/or business owner and shall be mounted flat against an exterior wall, on a window or a door of the principal building.

Q: What permits will I need to open a home occupation?
A: You will need to obtain a sign permit and set up an appointment with a Zoning Department staff member to conduct a site visit with you and inspect the subject residence for compliance.

Q: What zoning districts are mobile homes allowed in?
A: FA, R 1 Ac, R-1/2 Ac, MR-10, RG, NC, GC, VR-10, RVC and MHP.

Q: What do I need to do to move a mobile home on to a lot in Georgetown County?
A: You need to fill out a mobile home moving permit in the Building and Zoning Office at 129 Screven Street.

Q: What do I do if I cannot afford impact fees?
A: You may fill out an impact fee waiver. You can get this application from the Planning Department located at 129 Screven Street on the second floor. You must submit proof of household income, i.e. copies of the past year’s W-2 forms, when you submit this application.

Q: Do I need to get a building permit to construct a fence?
A: No, you do not need a building permit to construct a fence.

Q: What are the Zoning regulations for fences?
A: Fences shall not exceed an overall height of six feet and must comply with the requirements of the Vision Clearance: In all districts there shall be no plants or structures placed in any yard portion of a lot that would obstruct the vision of auto or pedestrian traffic using the street. Fences are divided into two categories:

Open: Any constructed barrier where the view of the interior enclosure is visible. Examples of open fences: split rail, picket, and chain link. Open fences may be constructed in any area of the property.

Closed: Any constructed barrier that denies the view of the interior enclosure. Examples of closed fences include: stockade and shadow box. Closed fences are permitted in any area of the property except for the front setback area. Closed fences may be used in the front setback area only with the approval of the Planning Commission.

In the Waccamaw Neck Commercial Corridor Overlay District bare galvanized chain link fencing shall be utilized only when not visible from adjoining properties or public thoroughfares. Black plastic coated fencing can be used if screened with landscaping. Wood palisade or lattice is preferred fencing material.

Q: Do I need a tree removal/pruning permit to remove/prune trees at my residence?
A: Not for occupied single-family residential lots.

Q: How do I obtain a tree removal/pruning permit?
A: You may fill out an application on this website and send it to our e-mail or you may come in to our office. A Zoning Department staff member will have to conduct a site visit to assess the work that you want to have done. A tree plan shall be submitted for all new construction projects.

Zoning Board of Appeals Email:
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Disclaimer: Ordinances are amended frequently and time may lapse before the online version is updated. People are encouraged to contact the Planning Office or Zoning Office at (843) 545-3158 to be sure they are using the current ordinance. Georgetown County is not responsible for the use of any information on this website.