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Public Works Division

Ray C. Funnye, Public Services Director
Point of Contact: Stephen Williams, Public Works Manager/GIS Specialist
Location: 2236 Browns Ferry Road, Georgetown, SC 29442
Phone: (843) 545-3438
Fax: (843) 545-3486
Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, (except for legal holidays)
Directions: Located off Highway 51, approximately five miles northwest of the intersection of Highways 701 and 51.
Map and Directions


Request Service:

A number of services provided by Georgetown County government can be requested online. From road grading to grass cutting, pot hole repair, drainage and more, you can report your issue and request service through our "At Your Request" page using the link below.

Department Functions:

Public Works maintains and improves dirt and paved roads, constructs and maintain storm drainage systems, and maintain the Georgetown County right-of-way throughout the unincorporated county areas. Public Works also manages project construction and quality control, and coordinates the Georgetown County Transportation Committee´s (CTC) pavement management program for secondary roads.  Additionally, the department designs and tests materials for road construction, while making improvements by inspecting and repairing dirt and paved roads, streets, drainage ways and parking lots. Additional duties include the manufacture and installation of street name signs and traffic control devices, installation of storm drain pipes, and cleaning and maintenance of canals and ditches. Review of subdivision development plans, surveying support for various county projects, construction of storm drainage systems and roads, and hauling (debris, dirt, mulch, rip-rap, slag, sand, etc.), also fall under this division's duties. Lastly, Public Works provides maintenance assistance to Park Maintenance on various boat landings and beach access areas from Garden City to Litchfield Beach.



Georgetown County currently maintains the following:
Dirt (or portions of dirt) Roads: 83.6 miles
Slag: 111.4 miles
SABC: 16.8 miles
Milled Asphalt: 12.9 miles
Paved: 99.4 miles

For streets and roads that have different types of surfacing along them; the above numbers reflect the corresponding portion.

A total of 972 roads and 324 miles of county roadways are currently maintained. The remaining 224.7 miles have other surfaces.

Background of County Road Systems:
Georgetown County consists of roads contributed by developers and individual property owners, and County roads  (in-house or contracted). There are approximately 955 roads in Georgetown County totaling 323 miles of roadway. 80 miles of these roads are paved and the other 243 miles consists of dirt roads and aggregate roads (stone, slag, recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) and other base materials). Right-of-ways vary on these roads.  While some right-of-ways include only the maintained area of the roadway, others are typically fifty foot. All developer contributed and County improved roads require a minimum fifty foot road right-of-way. Existing roads vary in their cross section construction, right-of-way, drainage, materials of construction and design integrity. This is not uncommon as many of these roads were acquired by the County prior to standards for acceptance and through hardship waivers for access. Georgetown County upgrades roadways to a standard consistent with accepted design protocol as opportunities allow (including rights-of-ways, drainage, alignment and cross section improvement). The sections of this document that deal with road design and the related cross sectional figures will note roads that are non-standard roads for design, rights-of-way and drainage.


Georgetown County Road Improvement Program

There are 10 newly petitioned road projects going through the process for determining eligibility and right-of-way so they can be considered for funding: Porter Road, Sutton Road, Squires Drive, ACL Trail, Smalls Loop, Tulip Tree court, Handy Hill Spur, Watford Place, Un-named drive off Carvers Bay, Soldierwood Lane / Kidneywood Way.

2013 User Fee Engineered Road Program:

CLIFTON AVE. - Complete                                 

2014 User Fee Engineered Road Program:

HANDY HILL DR. – Complete 
MAGGIE MAE PL. – Complete
SIOUX DR. – Complete
BANTU LN. – Complete                      WHISPERING PINES – Ready for construction
MIRACLE CT. – Pending construction
RAMBO LN. – Pending construction                                    

2014 CTC Resurfacing Program:

TILLER DR. – Complete                           WILDLIFE RD. – Complete                       YAUHANNA LAKE DR. – Complete               WINTERBERRY RD. – Complete
TISBY CT. – Complete
S. BEECH (portion) – Complete 
TRACE Dr. - Complete

2014 CTC Rocking Program:

MAPLE DR. — Complete                            

2015 CTC Rocking Program:

BALLFIELD DR. – Complete                       WILMER CANNON – Complete

2016 CTC Resurfacing Program:

BROWN BARK LN. — Complete
GOUDE ST.  — Pending 
S. FIRST ST. – Delayed
BELAIR AVE. –Pending
GRATE AVE. – Delayed                                                           


2016 CTC Paving Program:

MAIDENBUSH RD. – In Design           PROVERBS DR. – In Design
MILLER RD. — In Design
JAMES DR. – In Design
REED CT. – In Design
LAWHORN LP. – Bid preparation
GRISSETT DR. – Bid preparation
RUFUS LP. – Bid preparation
2016 CTC Timber Bridge Maintenance Program:

THE BRIDGES OF SUMMERGATE – Pending Construction

2016 CTC Rocking Program: 

OLD EVERGREEN RD. – Pending survey                     

2017 CTC Paving Program:

EVANS PL — In Design
BETHEL TRL. – In Design
MILLER RD. – In Design
JAMES DR.  – In Design

2017 CTC Resurfacing Program:

WAVERLY ROAD – Preliminary patching and drainage work in progress; pending re-surfacing
MARSH POINT DR. – Patch / seal work pending                                                    GOUDE ST. – Pending

2018 Projects:

JOBIE CLASSROOM DR. – Pending funding                                         HUFFMAN LN. — Pending funding
PARTRIDGE LN. —Pending funding
S. CEDAR ST. – Pending funding       WILLARD LP. – Pending funding                                                            



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What authorization is required to place structures or plantings in an established county right-of way?
A: On June 12, 2007, Georgetown County Council adopted Ordinance No 2007-35, which states: Any person desiring to erect, construct or maintain an encroachment upon county property must first obtain an encroachment permit. An encroachment permit may be obtained by filing a completed copy of the below Encroachment Permit Form, accompanied by a $100 non-refundable application fee.
Encroachment Permit Form

Q: How can I get a private road improved?
A: There are two ways that private roads can be improved with public funds in Georgetown County:

  1. Hardship Petition: Procedures are in place to allow one-time repair of a private road based on a hardship condition. Improvements are limited to rocking and grading, and require a petition signed by all residents on the road where the improvements are proposed. The policy and procedures file (below) provide details and explain how to request this service.
    Private Dirt Road Hardship Improvements
  2. Two-Mile Program: In April 2012, Georgetown County updated procedures so that annually the county will take over maintenance for and improve a maximum of two miles of roads that are currently private.

Roads will not be paved under this program, but, once a road has been accepted into the county’s maintenance system, a separate petition may then be submitted for paving under the C-Fund Paving Program as outlined below.

Q: How can I get my road paved? Is there a process?
A: Yes. You must request and complete a petition. Begin by calling Public Works at (843) 545-3438. Public Works evaluates the petitions, then scores each petition once per year in November. Petitions for the following year are due by April 1. Public Works scores the petitions based on criteria developed by the County Transportation Committee (CTC). According to criteria score, a CTC priority listing then serves as the implementation plan for road improvements based on the availability of funds. Reference: CTC Road Improvement Procedures/Paving.

For more information on the C-Fund program: C-Fund Program

Once the CTC has selected roads to fund, the remaining roads on the priority list go to County Council for consideration. County Council, under Ordinance 2008-81, annually collects road users fees, which are used to improve transportation within the county. These improvements include rocking and paving, as well as drainage, parking facilities and any other related needs required for general public access to publicly-owned facilities. County Council, based on the available funds for the current Fiscal Year, will select additional roads to improve under the Road User Fee Program. See below for more information about the program.
Road User Fee Program/Paving

Q: Is there a schedule for roadway right-of-way maintenance?
A: Yes. The county maintains roads using a regular schedule that rotates on a monthly basis.

Q: Who should I call concerning problems with drainage and flooding?
A: The Public Works Division inspects and evaluates drainage and flooding problems, then makes recommendations. Call (843) 545-3438 or submit your request online through At Your Request.

Q: When does the division mow the grass along the county roadway in front of my home?
A: The Public Works Division has a rotating schedule for county roadway right-of-way maintenance. Roads are maintained on a rotating monthly schedule and grass cutting varies with the changing growing seasons.

Q: What actions has the county taken to relieve stormwater problems?
A: Georgetown County has a diligent drainage maintenance program. Staff continually monitors and maintains miles of drainage ways and ditches throughout the county. Tremendous effort is made to stay ahead of potential problems. The county responds quickly to reported issues and has implemented an online service request program: At Your Request

In addition,  a county Stormwater Division exists to monitor new construction, manage the stormwater utility and implement capital improvements that will help alleviate drainage problems throughout the county.

Q: What are the stormwater management regulations?
A: Click on the link below for most current information.

Q: What is the purpose of the Georgetown County Roadway Design and Construction Manual?
A: It contains rules and minimum requirements for the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of all road systems within Georgetown County. Click on the link below to view the Roadway Design and Construction Manual.


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