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Public Notices

Applicant: Georgetown County

Project Title: Georgetown County 900 Alligator Lane Elevation — Wilson

Project Location: 900 Alligator Lane, Andrews, S.C.

Project Description: The residence at 900 Alligator Lane suffered through two major floods in a span of one year. The first was in October 2015 (the 1,0000-year flood), and the second in October 2016 after Hurricane Matthew. The proposed project is to elevate the house to 10 feet above the ground, or 1 to 2 feet higher if engineers deem feasible. The house will be raised according to current structure elevation technologies by a firm that specializes in house moving and elevation. Currently, it is 4 feet. Raising the house to 10 feet should mitigate most flooding occurrences as seen on the Black River over the past several decades.

Statement from Property Owner: In 2015, flood waters rose to 16 feet on the property, almost completely covering the house. Losses included furniture, artwork, appliances and many personal items. In 2016, flood waters rose over 3 feet in the house. The house is 4 feet off the ground, so there was 7-plus feet on the property. Drywall, floors, electrical outlets, furniture, HVAC and appliances all had to be torn out again. The family does not want to have to suffer through this again.

Alternatives Considered: Alternatives for this project have been considered and rejected. The property may be relocated to an area outside of the special flood hazard zone, but that would be cost prohibitive.

Comments Period: Georgetown County will be responsible for facilitating and monitoring the proposed project. Interested persons may direct any comments or questions to Preston Wilson at These are due by 5:00 p.m. Oct. 1, 2017.

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