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Posted April 18, 2018


Reference: Georgetown County Fire/EMS applies to FEMA for a Hazard Mitigation Grant for Generators at Fire Stations.

Georgetown County Fire/EMS has submitted an application to FEMA for a Hazard Mitigation grant to purchase generators for 10 of our Fire Stations (critical facilities) across Georgetown County.

Station 12 (444 Post Foot Circle, Georgetown, SC 29440) falls within a wetland and Station 10 (3605 Highmarket Street, Georgetown, SC 29440), is a critical facility within a shaded X zone on the firmette maps. This means the area is a moderate flood hazard, usually the area between the limits of the 100 year and 500 year floods. There is an increased potential for flooding in these areas and FEMA requires that the department provide public notice to citizens regarding the possibility of generators being installed at these sites.

Both of these stations are in need of generators due to possibility of inclement weather which could cause a loss of electrical power for an indefinite amount of time. In the event these stations lose power, the facilities would not be able to be used at their full potential, creating an immediate life safety risk in the area.

There are no alternative options that are feasible. Providing a generator at these locations would be the most appropriate option to enhance the capabilities of the fire stations. This would allow the station to continue to operate as normal and there would be no need to relocate staff and apparatus in the event of a significant power outage.   

In the event of potential flooding, the department will provide every protective measure to protect the generators from damage from flood waters. The protective measures would to elevate the generator to specific height above the 500 year floodplain level, wet flood proofing measures specific to FEMA recommendations and alternative measures that may be necessary depending on the forecasted water levels during inclement severe weather.

Georgetown County Fire/EMS officials will be responsible for implementation a plan of protection for the generators and monitoring any other factors that may affect the generators.

A map of the proposed generators sites can be viewed at the Headquarters – Station 10 located at 3605 Highmarket Street, Georgetown SC 29440.