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Parks and Recreation Department


Due to COVID-19, Georgetown County recreational facilities are open on a limited basis at this time, in accordance with state guidelines. Access to regional recreation centers is by appointment only. Details are available in our Online Newsroom. All public beach accesses, boat landings, boardwalks and piers are open, as are community parks and playgrounds. Virtual programming continues and is available below. 


During the COVID-19 closure, Parks & Recreation staff will be presenting videos in our Virtual Recreation Series to help keep kids and their parents active while at home.  Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more than just video posts.  To view the videos that have been released so far, please check out our YouTube playlist:


Beth Goodale, Director

Location: 2030 Church Street, Georgetown, SC 29440Beth Goodale
Phone: (843) 545-3275
Fax: (843) 545-3396

Hours: 8 a.m.– 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (except for legal holidays)
Mailing Address: 2030 Church Street, Georgetown, SC 29440
Point of Contact: Beth Goodale, Director
Directions: The Beck Recreation Center (formerly the Beck Middle School) in the City of Georgetown.


Department Functions:


The mission of the Georgetown County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services is to enhance the quality of life for Georgetown County residents and visitors; to promote a strong sense of community by providing a broad, diverse and challenging set of cultural and recreational programs; and to offer clean, beautiful and safe parks.

For a brief flyer describing all our Department has to offer, please click here

The Department encompasses three separate divisions:

  • Recreation – creates, develops, and maintains youth and adult sports leagues; operates regional recreation centers; and offers a diverse catalog of classes and programs. While Recreation does not directly administrate youth baseball, the Department does liaise with the four regional Dixie Youth Booster Clubs – Andrews, Georgetown, Pleasant Hill and Waccamaw – to assist in the creation of each year’s youth baseball schedule.
  • Parks Maintenance – maintains and manages all fields, beach accesses, boat landings, and more.
  • Bureau of Aging Services – Provides a variety of services to Georgetown County’s senior citizens, including meal delivery, congregant dining, as well as assistance with transportation to medical appointments.

Collectively, members of the Department play a pivotal role during times of emergency or crisis by operating shelters, providing logistical support, engaging in debris removal operations on Georgetown County property, and generally supplementing the needs of the County Emergency Management Department.

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Zero-Tolerance Behavior Policy for Parks and Recreation


Meet Forest the Squirrel

In January 2021, Georgetown County Parks and Recreation introduced a new mascot, Forest the Squirrel, who encourages people of all ages to be more active and “Go Nuts” for parks and recreation.

Here's Forest's story:Portrait of Forest the Squirrel with arms crossed and leaning against a tree.

Once upon a time in a tree in the woods, there lived a little squirrel named Forest. Forest was not like the other squirrels. He did not care for gathering nuts, he did not care for chasing birds or teasing cats. No, what really made Forest happy was to watch the humans play their very odd games.


“Why, that woman has hit the ball with a stick,” he exclaimed from his perch above the park. “And, oh – that man is running away from nothing! How odd!”

All day long, it seemed, the humans would hit, bounce and throw the balls; or run, just for the sake of running. They’d lift things, they’d climb things, and they’d even willingly jump into water and splash about! As odd as it seemed, it looked like such fun – certainly more fun than any games the other squirrels wanted to play. The other squirrels knew Forest was not happy in the tree. So, one day, they told him to go and see what the humans’ games were all about.

Forest was so happy! He jumped down from his tree, ran right up to the humans and said, “Please, oh please, can I play your games?”

The people were shocked – after all, he was a talking squirrel!  But because he asked so nicely, they happily let Forest join in all the fun. Forest learned all about baseball, basketball, swimming, exercise and even fishing. Now that he’s a master of all the humans’ games, he wants to teach as many people as possible about how to have fun! 

He knew he couldn’t make it to all the parks and all the recreation centers every day, so he recruited some little helpers to stand watch at all the parks.  That way, everyone would know they’re in a place where they can play all the games they like.

So, when you’re in the park – stop by and say hello to Forest!  He’s waiting for you to come see him and GO NUTS for our Parks and Recreation facilities.

Beach Information:

Volunteer Opportunities...

Caring by Sharing

If you want quality time, look no further. If you’re interested in learning new things, sharing skills or just want to lend a hand, here’s the perfect opportunity. Georgetown County has exciting new opportunities to offer you as a volunteer.

Register to volunteer today! (843) 545-3532


Do you have a special talent or hobby that you would feel confident teaching? Come share your knowledgeable talents by volunteering and earn extra cash. We continue to strive to offer a greater variety and number of classes at all of our recreation centers, and are currently seeking instructors. Share your unique talent with others.

Please call the Parks and Recreation office at (843) 545-3532 for an appointment. Bring résumés, thoughts, ideas and any materials necessary to showcase your talents.