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It is the policy of Georgetown County to hire, train and promote employees without discrimination because of race, religion, color, physical disability, national origin, sex or age. This policy applies to all other aspects of human resources management including recruiting, testing, interviewing, disciplining, adjusting salaries and administering benefits. Georgetown County complies with the provisions of the Fair labor Standards Act as applied to local governments and adheres to this policy in order to maintain and build an organization of the highest quality that provides equal employment opportunities to all persons on the basis of individual merit.

Georgetown County Employment

Position: County Administrator
Grade: Unclassified
Salary: Negotiable (DOQ)
Job Function:
Serves as the chief administrative officer of the Georgetown County Government. Executes the policies, directives and legislative actions of the elected seven member Georgetown County Council. Plans, directs and coordinates the activities of the County in order to ensure the proper provision of county services to the residents and property owners. Supervises all County Directors and reviews the work of subordinates for completeness and accuracy. Works with County staff and elected officials to develop, implement and direct short and long range plans to maintain and improve the delivery of services in the County. Reports to County Council.

Job Requirements:
Specific Duties and Responsibilities
•Serves as Chief Administrative Officer for the County in the execution of prescribed ordinances, resolutions and regulations, including implementing all policies set forth by County Council in a timely and efficient manner.
•Recommends and oversees implementation of the County’s policies, rules, and regulations as established by the County Council.
•Plans, directs and oversees the County’s organizational, operational, management, administrative and financial operations.
•Develops annual County financial plan and budget in accordance with policies established by the County Council and monitors monthly expenditures.
•Confers with County elected and appointed officials, as well as the Administrator’s direct reports to discuss, identify and assess their organizational, management, administrative, budget, and financial problems and solutions as needed.
•Plans, organizes and directs capital improvement programs and works with direct reports in analyzing individual departmental needs
• Analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of County operations, services, programs and reports to offer recommendations for improvement to County Council or County elected officials.
•Develops short-range and mid-range operational and financial plans for the County for recommendations of enhancing the County’s operations and services in collaboration with the County Council.
•Attends and participates in Council meetings and numerous other committee or board meetings and public hearings, advising and providing necessary information.
•Executes the policies, directives and legislative actions of County Council to the workforce.
•Works with both elected and appointed County Officials to create internal organizational guidelines including but not limited to personnel policies, salary classification plans approved by Council, etc.
•Reviews and revises County policies, procedures and codes and recommends improvements and adjustments to the County Council.
•Performs liaison activities to other local, State and Federal agencies and organizations.
•Performs related duties as may be required.
•Participates in community organizations/activities.

A Master’s degree in Public Administration and eight (8) years experience, or a Bachelor’s degree plus ten (10) years experience in Public Administration, Management, or related field. Proven skills and experience in growth management, administration and planning or transportation infrastructure improvement programs, innovative problem solving techniques, budgeting processes, effective customer service, and strong people skills are essential. Must have general knowledge of pertinent Federal, State and local laws and ability to interpret respective duties, authority and responsibilities as applied to the principals and practice of public administration. Must have specific understanding of the operation of South Carolina’s “Home Rule” law and its requirements with regard to the operation of Georgetown County business and the governing responsibilities and relationships between the Administrator, County Council, the State of South Carolina legislature and/or other governing or judicial bodies.
•Finalists will be disclosed to the press under FOIA requirements if required however, due to the requirements of assembly for County Council and the public nature of the position, Georgetown County Government cannot guarantee confidentiality for any applicant or candidate. If selected as a finalist, applicants will be contacted prior to disclosure.
•Must be able to pass the required pre-employment physical and background check.

Qualified applicants may apply in writing through the closing date to SC WORKS, 1107 Church Street, Georgetown, SC 29440 or Human Resources Department, P O Box 421270, Georgetown, SC 29442.

Date Posted: 7/1/2019

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