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It is the policy of Georgetown County to hire, train and promote employees without discrimination because of race, religion, color, physical disability, national origin, sex or age. This policy applies to all other aspects of human resources management including recruiting, testing, interviewing, disciplining, adjusting salaries and administering benefits. Georgetown County complies with the provisions of the Fair labor Standards Act as applied to local governments and adheres to this policy in order to maintain and build an organization of the highest quality that provides equal employment opportunities to all persons on the basis of individual merit.

Georgetown County Employment

Position: Division Chief: Special Operations/Training Division
Grade: 137 MIDWAY FIRE
Salary: $51,166 - $76,748
Job Function:

A.The position of Division Chief is directly responsible to the Assistant Fire Chief and coordinates various programs within the Special Operations/Training Division. This is a staff officer position and is not included in the Suppression Division Chain of Command. This position may include one or more job duties as listed in the position description. Work is performed in accordance with specific instructions, planned goals, and established policies and procedures of the department and Georgetown County. This position requires initiative and resourcefulness, analysis and assessment of problems, and judgment in deciding the appropriate course of actions to be taken.

Most work is performed in an office environment however, the work involves occasional exposure to heat, dirt and other very unpleasant conditions exposing the employee to the risk of serious injuries requiring the use of protective clothing and the strict observance of safety precautions and procedures. This is medium work requiring the exertion of 70 pounds of force occasionally, up to 20 pounds of force frequently, and up to 10 pounds of force constantly to move objects. An employee in this position must be able to climb steps and ladders, work in a sitting position for up to eight (8) hours and work in a standing position for up to four (4) hours. Assignments may involve climbing, kneeling, crouching, standing, walking, pushing, grasping, and repetitive motions.

Vocal communication is required for expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word. Hearing is required to perceive information at normal spoken word levels. Visual acuity is required for color perception, preparing and analyzing written or computer data.
Job Requirements:

Duties and Responsibilities – Division Planning

A.Plans, develops, coordinates, and makes recommendations to the Assistant Fire Chief and Fire Chief of the department for short and long range goals.
B.Develop plans which are designed to meet State and Federal Standards and policies within the division.
C.Analyze trends in Special Operations, Technical Rescue, Training, EMS, PIO, and Safety, as they affect the department and personnel of Midway Fire Rescue.
D.Analyze methods and techniques designed to implement short and long range programs within the divisions’ scope of practice.
E.Demonstrate and document needs for changes within the various disciplines based on advanced planning and cost benefit recommendations.
F.Develop and describe methods for implementing programs, timetables and evaluating the results of those programs.
G.Provide a yearly budget in order to show the financial needs of the division.

Duties and Responsibilities – Training

A.Plans, develops, and coordinates training within the department. Oversees and assigns training assignments to shift officers for delivery to personnel.
B.Provides training to Company Officers and personnel when applicable.
C.Sets standards for In-House Training Programs, as established with the range of authority having jurisdiction.
D.Oversees the DHEC EMS In-Service Training Program. Ensure all State / National Registry training requirements are being met.
E.Ensure Chief Officers request for personnel/department training needs are being met.
F.Evaluates performance of personnel to determine training needs plans and schedules training as needed for all personnel.
G.Maintains all department personnel fire and medical training records.
H.Assist in preparing the Training Budget.
I.Plans monthly fire and medical training for department personnel.
J.Works closely with representatives from all surrounding agencies in order to maintain training standards.
K.Teach courses as need for the department.
L.Coordinates the scheduling of all training activities outside the department.
M.Performs related duties as required.

Duties and Responsibilities – Health and Safety

A.Serves as the Departments Health and Safety Officer.
B.Establish and assist in the policy and procedure issues that affect the health and safety of personnel.
C.Conducts departmental risk analysis and oversees OSHA compliance training.
D.Assists in monitoring safety at the scene of any emergency.
E.Ensures the development of safety procedures.
F.Oversees the use, care, and maintenance program of PPE, Fire, and EMS items.
G.Serves as Assistant Infection Control Officer. Ensure that personnel meet health standards and regulations as outlined by departmental, local, state, and Federal regulations.
H.Serves as member of the department Safety Committee.

Duties and Responsibilities – Emergency Medical Services

A.Assist in general day to day operations of emergency medical policies and procedures.
B.Assist other personnel in the QA / Protocol process.
C.Monitors trends and practices within the EMS field to ensure the continuous growth and advancement or personnel and procedures within the organization.
D.Assist in budgeting and equipment purchases within the scope of EMS.
E.Works closely with representatives Georgetown County Emergency Services in providing quality patient care within Georgetown County.

Duties and Responsibilities – Special Operations/Technical Rescue

A.Coordinates various special operation programs as determined within the needs of the department.
B.Ensure proper training and qualifications for personnel involved in special operation assignments.
C.Assist in research and development of Sop’s, policies, procedures, and other guidelines to ensure compliance with Local, State, and Federal standards and laws.
D.Assist in research and equipment decisions requiring the equipment needed to provide safe and effective special operation rescues.
E.Assume role as Team Commander for the Georgetown County Technical Rescue Team.
F.Respond to all incidents involving Special Operations including but not limited to: Hazardous Material, Water Rescue, Trench Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Motor Vehicle Rescues, and any Technical Rescue that the department is dispatched to. This position reports to the Incident Commander as the Operations Officer at a Technical Rescue Incident.

Duties and Responsibilities – Public Information Officer

A.Coordinates the timely dissemination of information to all media outlets during a crisis, emergency, disasters, or any other critical incident.
B.Coordinates all Press Releases that come from the departments divisions: IE: DFLS, Special Operations, and Suppression.
C.Responds to emergency incidents with the district and possibly Georgetown County.
D.Coordinates planned media events for the department.
E.Serves as spokesperson for the department to the media.
F.Maintains positive relationships between the department and the media.
G.Responds to all request for information including the FOIA requests that are sent to the department.
H.Have a thorough knowledge of Public Information Officer duties.

EXPERIENCE: Ten (10) years of fire service experience with five (5) or more years in a command or company officer level position. Must have at least five (5) years of instructional experience in the delivery of fire and emergency medical services related programs.

EDUCATION: An Associate Degree in Fire Science Administration or a related field, or an equivalent combination of education and experience to fulfill the educational requirements listed as determined acceptable by the Fire Chief.

TRAINING: Must have experience in all areas of duties and responsibilities within the general areas of the division. Must have South Carolina Fire Academy Instructor status or be able to obtain this certification within one year of hire, or have equivalent training and education acceptable by the fire department. Must have a certificate as a South Carolina/National Registry Emergency Medical Technician or show equivalent training and education as acceptable by the department. Must have certifications as a Health and Safety Officer, Incident Safety Officer, and Instructor II that meets or exceeds N.F.P.A. standards and guidelines or be able to obtain these certifications within one year of hire.

PHYSICAL FITNESS - MEDICAL STANDARD: Must be able to successfully complete physical/medical/drug screen testing.

BACKGROUND CHECK: Must successfully complete fire service background check in accordance with adopted department policies and procedures.

LICENSE: Shall maintain a valid South Carolina driver’s license.
OTHER DUTIES AS ASSIGNED: Responds as assigned to emergency incidents for the purpose of evaluating training needs. May be assigned to other functions to assist at the emergency incident such as Incident Safety Officer, Accountability Officer, Public Information Officer, or any other command support when deemed necessary by the Incident Commander.
Teaches course as needed by the department, from time to time may receive assignments to deliver courses to other agencies within Georgetown County Government when approved by the Assistant Fire Chief. Helps to coordinate with the Coordinator of the Community Training Center in the delivery of programs and helps in the overall management of such programs.

Ability to read, write and understand oral and written policies, rules, standards, instructions and other material of the department, Georgetown County government and the State of South Carolina.
Have the knowledge of the organizational functions, policies and procedures, operational guidelines and general operations of the department.
Have a thorough knowledge of modern fire and emergency medical procedures.
Ability to communicate tactfully and effectively with the public, other organizations, and other governmental agencies.
Ability to operate personal computers and systems.
Ability to drive and operate all Fire Rescue vehicles.
Ability to create lesson plans, outlines, visual aids, etc.
Ability to deliver material to students, the public, and other fire service personnel.


New career employees are required to serve a six (6) month probationary period. During which time their performance shall be evaluated carefully to determine if permanent status is awarded.

Qualified applicants may apply in writing through the closing date to SC WORKS, 2704 Highmarket Street, Georgetown, SC 29440 or Human Resources Department, P O Box 421270, Georgetown, SC 29442.

Date Posted: 11/17/2017

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