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GIS Department

Location: 129 Screven St., Georgetown, S.C. 29440
Phone: (843) 545-3071
Fax: (843) 546-3269

Points of Contact: Chip Balthis, Nancy Wall

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Our Mission:

To provide maps and mapping services to county departments and the public.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the best way to contact the GIS department?
A: Send an email to the following address:

Q: What does GIS stand for?
A: GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems.

Q: Who should I contact to get a 911 address?
A: For a new structure, the address is issued along with the building permit. In this case, contact the Georgetown County Building Department, (843) 545-3117. For addressing issues concerning existing buildings, contact the GIS Department, (843) 545-3070.

Note: The county does not issue addresses for vacant lots or sheds; only for habitable structures.

Map server information:

Please submit your questions / comments to the above email address. A "FAQ" is published on this website based on the comments we receive from our user base.

The GIS online map server is designed to work optimally with the latest versions of Internet Explorer (6 minimum), Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. If you are running an older version Internet browser, you might experience problems in viewing the site. You can download the latest browser version from the links below.

If you are already running the latest version of web browser, you may proceed to the GIS online map server.

Q: Why does the Create Print Page button not work for me?
A: The Create Print Page functions as a pop-up window. If pop-ups are blocked on your computer, you will not get the Print Map page. To remedy this, and allow the pop-up, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking the gray button that says Create Print Page.

Q: Why has the format of the tax map number changed? It used to have spaces and decimals, now it has only dashes.
A: The Tax Assessor’s office is running a new database system and has changed the format from 04-0140 -001.00.00 to 04-0140-001-00-00 There are now no spaces or decimal points, only dashes.

Q: Why do I sometimes receive "no results" when searching for a known street address?
A: Usually, this is caused by entering the suffix (street, lane, avenue, etc.). The best results are found when you enter the street and the number, for example 200 Hammock, without the suffix.

Q: Why does the map server show incorrect/obsolete information for a certain parcel(s)? How can this be corrected?
A: Since the information in the database is provided by the Assessor’s Office, the property owner should inform this office of any incorrect information (843-545-3014).

  • Note: We are making improvements to the map server website every day. Remember that any improvements we make to the website might not be apparent until you delete your temporary internet files to make room for the new ones. This is true for most websites. You can set your computer to check for new files by going to Tools/Internet Options and clicking the Settings button under Temporary Internet Files. Where it says ‘Check for newer versions of stored pages,’ check the box that says "every visit to the page." That way, you will always be viewing the latest version.


To go to the GIS Map Server click on the following link:

To view some of our other GIS apps. click here