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Georgetown County’s original strategic capital improvements planning process, Visions I, was initiated in 1998. Visions I involved more than 250 volunteers from around the county, working over a period of several years to develop a strategic Capital Improvement Plan for the county. Since this was the county’s first real strategic capital planning process, Visions I focused on a variety of very basic needs throughout the county. This citizen-generated plan was ultimately adopted by County Council and resulted in the completion of more than 38 million dollars-worth of county-wide capital projects.

The next phase of the County’s strategic capital improvements planning efforts, Visions II, was initiated in 2004. Visions II was designed to identify and address needs over the next 30 years. More than 350 county residents committed to work together toward this goal and five committees were organized to study needs in transportation, recreation, economic development, community enhancement and facilities. Projects, with costs estimated at over $300 million, were identified and prioritized. Once complete, these projects will offer Georgetown County residents the opportunity for substantial quality of life improvements for generations to come.

The Visions II plan was adopted recognizing the need for flexibility in both the scope and timing of particular projects identified in the plan as funding may be impacted over time by economic and other factors outside the control of County Council and staff. Accordingly, the plan is thoroughly reviewed and revised annually to account for variances in actual historical costs and future funding and project cost estimates. The following links are to the most recent plan update.

Capital Improvement Plan – October 2018 Update – Entire Document

Capital Improvement Plan – October 2018 Update – By Section

Multiple PDF files – Make Selection Below

Capital Improvement Plan Upcoming Events