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Grants from Georgetown County´s collection of state accommodations tax ("A-Tax") Funds are available for award twice each year. State accommodations taxes are collected by the state directly from accommodations providers in the county. The state then issues quarterly payments to the county from these collections.

The Georgetown County Council appoints members of its Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee who represent the tourism industry in the county. This committee reviews A-Tax grant applications and presents its grant award recommendations to County Council, and County Council issues the grant awards.

The Georgetown County Finance Department administers the A-Tax award program in accordance with grant program guidelines established by the Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee and County Council. The following A-Tax forms and documents may help provide an overview of the accommodations tax grants program and how it is administered by the County.

Important note for 2017 A-Tax Grant Applicants

Beginning in Fall of 2017, Georgetown County is making a major change to the way state accommodations tax grants are awarded. The County is moving from a twice-yearly funding cycle to issuing grants annually.

As a result, the Spring 2017 funding cycle was the final Spring cycle. Applicants this Fall should apply for projects occurring or beginning in calendar year 2018.  There will no longer be a Spring funding opportunity.

Anyone with questions about this change is asked to contact Glenda Long in the Finance Department or (843) 545-3251.


Georgetown County has initiated an email notification list for anyone that would like to be notified of application availability and deadlines, meeting schedules, and changes in program guidelines, when applicable. If you would like to be added to the notification list, please contact Glenda Long.